Alexis’s Favorite Things Of The Moment 

  • Peonies
  • Shimmery eye lids(Ive been using these ones lately 1,2)
  • Dress that make you look like a doll(These are super cute options from two brands i love 1,2)
  • Edgy boots(Im currently lusting over these two1,2)
  • ALEXACHUNGS new fashion line(I cant wait to get my hands on these two pieces 1,2)
  • How to marry a millionaire
  • Love in the afternoon
  • Iced mochas (top two places to get them are Whole Foods and Alfreds)
  • Dantiy jewelry (These two brands make amamzing jewlery 1,2)
  • Impromptu photo shoots

Asia’s Top 5 Lipsticks/Lipglosses 

I know what you’re thinking: great, another person who thinks they’re a beauty guru is going to give me bullshit advise about makeup again. Well think again because–while I do deal in bullshit at times–the one things I take the most seriously in my life is LIP COLOR. Forget foundation, mascara, all that other shit. The most important thing to pull together a makeup look is the perfect lip color. And some lip colors are super cute; but as soon as your lips so much as touch together, the color disappears! These are my top 5 types of lip colors that I rely on to be long-lasting and at the same time have eye-catching pigment.

Tyra Banks: back at it again with creating something amazing. First, she takes over the fashion world as being a top model. Then, she creates one of my favorite childhood television shows: America’s Next Top Model. And now… Now she’s created a rather ground-breaking matte lipstick collection. As a milk-chocolate colored individual, these colors are all very flattering. On top of that, these matte lipsticks are not dehydrating for the lips (which in and of itself is a huge accomplishment) and are also very long-lasting. I could drink something and–although the color will transfer which is inevitable–the lipstick would still remain on my lips.

I liked these lip glosses from Mac Cosmetics so much that I came back and bought two more after buying the first one. The colors are build-able so if I wanted a more subtle version of the color all I have to do is put on swipe and then go. The lip gloss (of course it will transfer) lasts fairly well and gives off a very lustrous sheen on the lips. Most lip glosses will come off the instant you do just about anything, but these glosses are partially a lip tint and because of this have a better lasting effect. 

YSL, a snobby AF brand, creates some top-notch lip products. These lip glosses are also partially formulated to be a lip tint, and because of this they last extremely well. While in High School I searched for a lip color that I would not need to fuss about reapplying every class period. I wanted something that would be effortless for the whole day, because I needed to be stunting on these hoes. While going on my journey to find the absolutely perfect long-lasting lip gloss, I came across this formula. One tube would last me about an entire school year, so I would have a new signature lip color every year. This color is by no means inexpensive, but the cost is completely worth it because of how well it lasts and how beautiful the pigmentation is.

This is another matte lipstick that I’m willing to stand buy. I have found that the most long-lasting lipsticks tend to be matte; which is a shame because they can be dehydrating. (This one is not an exception) However, the pigmentation is very beautiful and the color lasts very well. Plus, the packaging is very elegant. If you want to be stunting on these hoes as well, this is the way to go. This lipstick is also very affordable at about twenty dollars a tube.

Mac at it again with the perfectly formulated lip colors. (I’m funny I know) The matte lipsticks are extremely long-lasting. The pigmentation is also phenomenal. However be careful if you purchase these colors not to layer on the lipstick too thick. Putting on too thick of a layer could result in making the color look bad as well as making the color not last as well. Aside from that, the colors are both beautiful and long-lasting.

Alexis’s Current Top 10 Makeup Items

I love makeup because of the endless possibilities that come with each product. So, because of that, I’m always seeking out new products to try.  Here are my top 10 products that I am currently loving.


  1. I am currently in love with this eyeshadow from Chanel! This is my go-to when I am unsure of what to use and when I am in a rush. This eyeshadow is called Illusoire and it looks whimsical like fairy dust sparkles when applied to my eyes.

2. This setting spay from MAC is not new but I have recently tried it and I am in love! It is not harsh on sensitive skin, which is a huge plus, and it leaves my makeup looking amazing.

3. This Kevyn Aucoin concealer is amazing. I’ve always had a difficult time hiding my dark circles, in the past I would have to use two products. But with this, I only need a small amount for complete coverage. The amount and quality of the product makes it completely worth the price!

4. This mascara from Mac is amazing! It’s the first mascara I have used that has two wands, one wand for the upper lashes and a second wand for the lower lashes. With this product, I can achieve the ultimate Twiggy lashes!

5. This liquid matte lipstick from Kat Von D, in the shade Lolita, is the perfect pinkish brown color. It is a gorgeous, flattering color when applied.

6. Before you say anything: yes, this is technically a moisturizer by Chanel. But I love to use it as a primer. Its makes my skin look radiant and fresh.

7. A few months ago i purchased this MAC lipsticks and lip liner set. Its super flattering and pretty on.

8. The alchemist palette by Kat Von D is a very cool product. It contains 4 different highlighters that are all unique, dual-chrome shades. The two I’ve been gravitating toward lately are amethyst and opal.

9. This is my go-to Chanel foundation that I have been using for years. I have tried other foundation’s but I always seem to come back to this one because it is lightweight and not cakey.

10. This palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills is amazing. I use all of the colors in the pallet and love the variety of looks you can achieve with it. My favorite shades from the palette right now and the ones I’m using the most are Red Orca, Prima Vera, and Realgar.