23 Things I love And Have Learned About Life

Life Lessons

  1. My mom is freaking amazing
  2. It’s ok to speak out about things your feeling and the problems you’re going through
  3.  Find the little things to love about life
  4. Find things to love about your appearance even if its small
  5. Being perfect doesn’t exist
  6. Life’s to short to not eat chocolate or pastries
  7. Visit places you love and want to see
  8. Take joy in your guilty pleasures
  9.  Don’t let others define who you are
  10. Working out is good for you and its also ok to hate the gym, just find one workout you love
  11. Don’t let being in a relationship get in the way of living your life or not being in one seem like its the end of it
  12. Spend time with your family
  13. Dance and laugh with your friends
  14. Just let your sister borrow that top she’s been wanting to wear
  15. Learn More

Things I Love

  1. Dancing Around
  2. Looking at old pictures
  3. Playing records (Prince, Amy Winehouse, and SZA)
  4. Drawing
  5. Styling peoples outfits
  6. Attempting to speak in french
  7. Old movies (Gigi, Love In the Afternoon, and Gentleman Prefer Blondes)
  8. Reading Books (The Beautiful and Damed, Grace, and Alexa Chung It)

My Style/Fashion Resolutions For 2018

By: Alexis

Normally I don’t make resolutions at all I tend to believe they are pointless because there is almost no follow through and the idea is that you follow them only for the year which i never understood. However this year I decided to make Fashion, Style and Beauty resolutions. They won’t necessarily be that out there and they will follow more along the lines of what I’ve been dreaming up and trying to do for years, so wish me luck.

Resolution 1: Don’t Buy Things Just To Have Something New

I feel like its a bad habit a lot of people have. With thoughts creeping up like, Oh I’m going out tonight i need something new, or I’m going on vacation so i need a whole new set of clothes rather then using what we have and love or only buying new pieces we love. While, yes I’ve been getting better over the years about following this new rule of mine I would like to continue to follow it and even improve on it.

Resolution 2: Buy One Of The Designer Bags I’ve Been Lusting After

Seriously I have a super long list of bags that I’ve been wanting bags for a few years now. (I will link my top picks down below) Having a nice handbag is a must for anyone, now please understand that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be designer. However there is the craftsman ship and details along with the work that goes into making the bag that i throughly appreciate that the designers do. On top of that every year I have been saying this year I’m going to save a buy this bag and this year I will actual dedicate myself to doing that. (Also I am one of those people who has no problem with buying a used or even vintage bag since they cost less a lot of the times not always though so be sure to do your research before buying)

(Diorever, Balenciaga City BagChloé Faye Bag, YSL College Bag, and Chanel Boy Bag)

I also recently was gifted this bag for christmas that I would consider a designer bag and I’m in love.

Resolution 3: Buying Quality Pieces Rather Than Cheaply Made Ones

Trust me we’ve all been there when we have a specific article of clothing we saw on lets say Are You Am I then a fast fashion brand has made a less expensive version that looks exactly the same. Personally I have a lot of problems when it comes to this and while yes I understand that those clothes can be expensive you can still find brands that cost less that make good quality clothing that have far more ethical practices. So that why I’ve made this my resolution along with the fact that it ends up limiting what you end up buying so you end up only buying what you truly love rather then having a ton of clothes but not feeling like wearing any of them.

(My recommendations Realisation Dress,  Are You Am I Top, Reformation Tee, Stone Cold Fox Dress, and ReDone Jeans)

Resolution 4: Continuously Do My Favorite Makeup Look

I tend to be scared to try and wear it whenever I go out because it consists of a strong lashes. I feel like it throws people off and they think its too much but I love a good twiggy lash look.

(Chanel Mascara It’s amazing)

Resolution 5: Not Paying To Much Attention To People Who Have Negative Opinions On My Looks

Its a hard thing not to do for anyone who loves fashion, in general negativity can be a hard thing to ignore, but this year for my own sanity and love of fashion I’m going to do it. Because in all honesty what does the negativity matter if you love you’re outfit. However nice and kind comments are always welcome when it comes to my style and looks.

Let me know in the comments if you have any style resolutions for the year.

My up and coming fall must haves


Leather jacket-  This is honestly a closet staple! Its so easy to throw on over any outfit or layer with other pieces. My pick All Saints.
T shirt dress- They are so easy to wear and just throw on and go making this item a must have for me! My pick Reformation.

Tights- For me these are great to throw on with dresses and skirts(which might be like duh!). But for fall these are a must have. I love layer them with socks and boots as well. My pick Hue.

Ankle boots- The new eternal closet staple in everyones wardrobe. They’re so easy to throw on with any outfit. Heeled or flat, suede or leather, they’re perfect in whatever style you prefer. My pick Target.

Basic jeans- Another basic that would probably make you say duh, but one that can be easily neglected and hard to find the perfect pair. I would also recommend finding a nicer pair that will last you a life time and keeping these pair clean cut and simple. Which means no distressing or elaborate details! My pick Re/done.

T shirt- These in a varity of cuts and colors help make layering and putting together outfits a breeze. I would recommend looking at Brandy Melville and Reformation for them. My pick Brandy Melville.

Cashmere sweater- For me this is a must. I have really sensitive skin so most sweaters are really irritating for me to wear alone. Thats why I always love to find a good cashmere sweater, especially on sale! My Pick Zadig and Voltaire.

Sweet romantic dress- I love how these dress look all the time but especially in fall. They add the perfect amount of drama and girliness to fall. My pick Free People.

Alexis’s Favorite Things Of The Moment 

  • Peonies
  • Shimmery eye lids(Ive been using these ones lately 1,2)
  • Dress that make you look like a doll(These are super cute options from two brands i love 1,2)
  • Edgy boots(Im currently lusting over these two1,2)
  • ALEXACHUNGS new fashion line(I cant wait to get my hands on these two pieces 1,2)
  • How to marry a millionaire
  • Love in the afternoon
  • Iced mochas (top two places to get them are Whole Foods and Alfreds)
  • Dantiy jewelry (These two brands make amamzing jewlery 1,2)
  • Impromptu photo shoots

Things I wish I knew when I first started dealing with panic attacks and depression 

By: Alexis💕

These are some things I wish I knew when I started to deal with panic attacks and depression. Hopefully this helps you.

  • You are not alone. This may sound obvious, but it really isn’t. I often feel alone in so many different ways. I used to feel like no one understood what I was going through, that no one else could possibly be going through the same thing as me, and that no one cared either.
  • Things will get better. It doesn't seem like it will ever get better while you're dealing with a panic attack, but these difficult feelings will always go away. You will eventually end up feeling better. Overcoming depression is a not easy, but you should know that you will some day.
  • You have to find things to do that will make you happy, even if they are small.
  • You're family loves you and cares about you, even if it doesn't always seem like it. I constantly felt alone and that no one cared about me, especially my mom I didn’t feel the substantial love that most people should feel from their mother. The reality was: even if I didn't feel that she cared for me, it was just my depression making me think that she didn’t.
  • You'll make great friendships. I seriously used to have no friends who understood what I was going through. They were often not kind to me as a result. But you will soon find that people like this don’t deserve to be in your life. And you will eventually connect with people who are understanding of your situation and deserve to be a part of your life.

My Favorite Brands To Shop Vintage



  • Chanel

Generally speaking, I love Chanel- I have since I was a kid. Which I’m sure is weird because what 11 year would want a tweed jacket, broach, two toned flats and a classic flap bag when that’s not what they’re parents are wearing( I blame it on reading vogue and elle magazine back then) As I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to appreciate vintage Chanel more and more. Seriously anytime I see older Chanel ads or clothes I die (as Rachel Zoe would say). My favorite decades to shop Chanel would have to be the 80s and the 90s.

Recommended items 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

  • Jean Paul Gautier

This is a designer who is well respected, but may not be that you have heard of. One day when I was shopping at a vintage store, I happened to look at a few of their vintage pieces and fell in love. The clothes are a perfect mesh of classic, punk, and boho.


  • Betsy Johnson

Finding her vintage pieces can be a hard thing to do. But whenever I do find something, I tend to fall in love. Betsy is great at creating girly punk pieces. If you’re on the hunt for her things I’d suggest the 90s as a good decade to start looking and maybe even start buy buying a dress.


  • Missoni

This is a classic Italian brand that I have loved for for quite some time now. They are known for classic amazing zig zag print. I would suggest specifically looking into their sweaters and dresses in any decade. This would make a great addition to your wardrobe. I’d also suggest looking in the men’s department for sweaters.


  • YSL

This is, again, another brand I’m in love with. Not only are there current collections amazing, but their vintage pieces are amazing as well. I prefer to look for their pants, jackets or dresses. These pieces tend create the perfect rebellious classic look.


  • Dior

Yet another iconic brand that’s also very classic. I love how girly some of the pieces can look. These two dresses (dress 1, 2) from Dior that were made in 1949 that for me would be the ultimate find/wedding dress. When shopping for Dior I’d go with any dress or jacket you can find and fall in love with.


Some stores I’d recommending looking at for these brands are wastelands, crossroads, and what goes around comes around vintage(this particular store is more expensive but has amazing pieces).

Asia’s Top 5 Lipsticks/Lipglosses 

I know what you’re thinking: great, another person who thinks they’re a beauty guru is going to give me bullshit advise about makeup again. Well think again because–while I do deal in bullshit at times–the one things I take the most seriously in my life is LIP COLOR. Forget foundation, mascara, all that other shit. The most important thing to pull together a makeup look is the perfect lip color. And some lip colors are super cute; but as soon as your lips so much as touch together, the color disappears! These are my top 5 types of lip colors that I rely on to be long-lasting and at the same time have eye-catching pigment.

Tyra Banks: back at it again with creating something amazing. First, she takes over the fashion world as being a top model. Then, she creates one of my favorite childhood television shows: America’s Next Top Model. And now… Now she’s created a rather ground-breaking matte lipstick collection. As a milk-chocolate colored individual, these colors are all very flattering. On top of that, these matte lipsticks are not dehydrating for the lips (which in and of itself is a huge accomplishment) and are also very long-lasting. I could drink something and–although the color will transfer which is inevitable–the lipstick would still remain on my lips.

I liked these lip glosses from Mac Cosmetics so much that I came back and bought two more after buying the first one. The colors are build-able so if I wanted a more subtle version of the color all I have to do is put on swipe and then go. The lip gloss (of course it will transfer) lasts fairly well and gives off a very lustrous sheen on the lips. Most lip glosses will come off the instant you do just about anything, but these glosses are partially a lip tint and because of this have a better lasting effect. 

YSL, a snobby AF brand, creates some top-notch lip products. These lip glosses are also partially formulated to be a lip tint, and because of this they last extremely well. While in High School I searched for a lip color that I would not need to fuss about reapplying every class period. I wanted something that would be effortless for the whole day, because I needed to be stunting on these hoes. While going on my journey to find the absolutely perfect long-lasting lip gloss, I came across this formula. One tube would last me about an entire school year, so I would have a new signature lip color every year. This color is by no means inexpensive, but the cost is completely worth it because of how well it lasts and how beautiful the pigmentation is.

This is another matte lipstick that I’m willing to stand buy. I have found that the most long-lasting lipsticks tend to be matte; which is a shame because they can be dehydrating. (This one is not an exception) However, the pigmentation is very beautiful and the color lasts very well. Plus, the packaging is very elegant. If you want to be stunting on these hoes as well, this is the way to go. This lipstick is also very affordable at about twenty dollars a tube.

Mac at it again with the perfectly formulated lip colors. (I’m funny I know) The matte lipsticks are extremely long-lasting. The pigmentation is also phenomenal. However be careful if you purchase these colors not to layer on the lipstick too thick. Putting on too thick of a layer could result in making the color look bad as well as making the color not last as well. Aside from that, the colors are both beautiful and long-lasting.