My Style/Fashion Resolutions For 2018

By: Alexis

Normally I don’t make resolutions at all I tend to believe they are pointless because there is almost no follow through and the idea is that you follow them only for the year which i never understood. However this year I decided to make Fashion, Style and Beauty resolutions. They won’t necessarily be that out there and they will follow more along the lines of what I’ve been dreaming up and trying to do for years, so wish me luck.

Resolution 1: Don’t Buy Things Just To Have Something New

I feel like its a bad habit a lot of people have. With thoughts creeping up like, Oh I’m going out tonight i need something new, or I’m going on vacation so i need a whole new set of clothes rather then using what we have and love or only buying new pieces we love. While, yes I’ve been getting better over the years about following this new rule of mine I would like to continue to follow it and even improve on it.

Resolution 2: Buy One Of The Designer Bags I’ve Been Lusting After

Seriously I have a super long list of bags that I’ve been wanting bags for a few years now. (I will link my top picks down below) Having a nice handbag is a must for anyone, now please understand that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be designer. However there is the craftsman ship and details along with the work that goes into making the bag that i throughly appreciate that the designers do. On top of that every year I have been saying this year I’m going to save a buy this bag and this year I will actual dedicate myself to doing that. (Also I am one of those people who has no problem with buying a used or even vintage bag since they cost less a lot of the times not always though so be sure to do your research before buying)

(Diorever, Balenciaga City BagChloé Faye Bag, YSL College Bag, and Chanel Boy Bag)

I also recently was gifted this bag for christmas that I would consider a designer bag and I’m in love.

Resolution 3: Buying Quality Pieces Rather Than Cheaply Made Ones

Trust me we’ve all been there when we have a specific article of clothing we saw on lets say Are You Am I then a fast fashion brand has made a less expensive version that looks exactly the same. Personally I have a lot of problems when it comes to this and while yes I understand that those clothes can be expensive you can still find brands that cost less that make good quality clothing that have far more ethical practices. So that why I’ve made this my resolution along with the fact that it ends up limiting what you end up buying so you end up only buying what you truly love rather then having a ton of clothes but not feeling like wearing any of them.

(My recommendations Realisation Dress,  Are You Am I Top, Reformation Tee, Stone Cold Fox Dress, and ReDone Jeans)

Resolution 4: Continuously Do My Favorite Makeup Look

I tend to be scared to try and wear it whenever I go out because it consists of a strong lashes. I feel like it throws people off and they think its too much but I love a good twiggy lash look.

(Chanel Mascara It’s amazing)

Resolution 5: Not Paying To Much Attention To People Who Have Negative Opinions On My Looks

Its a hard thing not to do for anyone who loves fashion, in general negativity can be a hard thing to ignore, but this year for my own sanity and love of fashion I’m going to do it. Because in all honesty what does the negativity matter if you love you’re outfit. However nice and kind comments are always welcome when it comes to my style and looks.

Let me know in the comments if you have any style resolutions for the year.

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